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Real People, Real Results

Don't just take our word for it. Watch video testimonials from individuals who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of The Winners Circle.

1 day ago

Hands down the best signal group

Hands down the best signal group I have tried. They are actually making a profit every month.

I made really good profits in just 2 weeks, so a big thanks to Simon. Keep up the good work.


3 days ago

Best on the market

I’ve been in the TWC community for a few weeks now and have absolutely loved it. Great community and great signals! I especially like that they primarily focus on 1 pair, which makes the risk calculation very easy.


6 days ago


Great. Not much else to say if I’m being honest. I don’t really come for
the community, I just joined to earn money, which the signals from Simon takes
care of. So I’ll speak to the results, which is GREAT.


9 days ago

TWC is for real..

Been in TWC for a week now and made some pretty decent gains. I did make it a little bit risky by not managing my risk, so I should have made a little less. Manage risk and you will see good results.


Results from happy members

  • Member For 4 Weeks
  • Time Spend 1 HR / Day
  • Start Deposit 500$
  • Current Balance 1052$
  • Member For 3 Weeks
  • Time Spend 20MIN / Day
  • Start Deposit 1000$
  • Current Balance 2100$
  • Member For 2 Months
  • Time Spend 2 HR / Day
  • Start Deposit 15000$
  • Current Balance 185000$
  • Member For 3 Months
  • Time Spend 30MIN / Day
  • Start Deposit 1000$
  • Current Balance 7000$

Why is The Winners Circle free?

At TWC we're on a mission to break down barriers and make financial success achievable for everyone.

By offering our trading signals completely free of charge, we're democratizing access to expert insights and empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures.

Our commitment to transparency, trust, and community drives us to provide quality signals without fees.

Partnered with a leading broker, we're challenging the status quo and inspiring positive change in the trading industry. Your success is our success, and together, we're rewriting the rules of financial opportunity.

Join us – where knowledge is power, and it's yours for free.

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Unbeatable Trading Advantage

Unlike other trading signal groups, The Winners Circle redefines the trading experience. Our signals aren't just about wins and losses – they're a gateway to financial empowerment.

With us, transparency isn't a buzzword; it's a foundation. Our unique bot tracks ROI daily, weekly, and monthly, ensuring you always have a clear picture of performance.

Run by a seasoned day trader, our expertise isn't theoretical – it's proven. We believe in your potential, and that's why our award-winning broker partnership enables us to offer our insights for free.

Join a community that values your success as much as you do, and discover trading signals that elevate you beyond the ordinary.

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So why should you become a member of The Winners Circle?

Trading yourself

  • Market Analysis Burden: Say hello to dedicating over 8 hours daily to market analysis.
  • Years of Learning: Embrace the need for extensive experience and practice.
  • Costly: Ready yourself for the financial strain.
  • Streamlined Trading: Need to set up complex trading systems.
  • Invest Your Time: lose valuable time for what truly matters.
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Winners circle

  • Copy and Profit Freely: Benefit from my trading ideas at no cost.
  • Minimal Time Investment: Even manual order placement won't consume much of your time.
  • Harness Our Trading Bot: Access the power of our automated trading bot.
  • No Daytrading Experience Required: You don't need prior experience to succeed.
  • Simple Tech Requirements: Just a phone or PC/Laptop suffices.
  • Empower Yourself to Learn: Explore trading through our comprehensive 5-hour course.
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Following other daytraders

  • Lack of Profitability: Their track record lacks consistent gains.
  • Delayed Entry Posts: Trades are shared only after they enter, leaving you at a disadvantage.
  • Incomplete Information: They offer mere screenshots, not the holistic trading picture.
  • Illusion of Success: Winning occasional trades doesn't translate to real profitability.
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Empower Yourself with Knowledge:

Explore our complimentary 5-hour trading course, designed to equip both beginners and advanced traders with the skills needed to succeed in the market.

Join us at "The Winners Circle" and take charge of your financial destiny. Experience the journey towards financial freedom today!

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What do the members say about The Winners Circle?

Søren J.

Restaurant owner
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Søren J.

Restaurant owner

David P.

Media broker
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David P.

Media broker

Gustav H.

Brand owner
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Gustav H.

Brand owner

Jeppe M.

School Teacher
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Jeppe M.

School Teacher

Mads B.

Freight Manager
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Mads B.

Freight Manager

So who is behind the winners circle?

Unveil a seasoned day trader with a proven track record and a commitment to transparent, expert signals that drive your success.

  1. Expert Day Trader: Simon brings over 5 years of day trading experience, providing battle-tested strategies that deliver results.
  2. Proven Success: With a solid track record of consistent gains and an impressive 80% year-to-date ROI, Simon's signals speak for themselves.
  3. Transparent Performance: Simon's unique approach includes a real-time ROI tracking bot, ensuring transparency and trust in every trade shared.
  4. Market Insight: His analytical prowess, cultivated since 2014, empowers you with insights drawn from deep market understanding.
  5. Award-Winning Partner: Simon's signals are powered by a partnership with a leading broker, offering you direct access to expert trading insights for free.

Signal testing from historical data

AI-Enhanced Trading Precision

At TWC, we leverage cutting-edge AI technology to refine our trading strategies. Our meticulous backtesting process, powered by AI, ensures every move is grounded in data-driven precision. By analyzing historical patterns and market trends, we create strategies that stand the test of time, empowering you with a distinct edge in the world of trading.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I have no trading experience?

No worries. You don't need any prior knowledge to copy and profit from our trades. Over 90% of our members joined without trading experience.

Why is joining The Winners Circle free?

Our partnership with a top industry broker ensures our services are 100% free. There are no charges for our valued members.

How do I start?

Click the green button below and message us. Once you're a member, you can start copying our trades the same day. All you need is funds to begin trading.

Are Simon a professional day trader?

Yes, Simon is an experienced day trader who've been living off trading for the past 5 years.

Why offer a free trading group if you're successful day traders?

Initially, we responded to requests from friends and family to share trades and knowledge. Believing in mutual growth, we teamed up with a major broker to make everything 100% free and help the wider community.

Can I learn to trade myself?

Certainly! Gain access to a continuously updated 5-hour trading course. Plus, connect with a global community passionate about improving each other's trading skills.

Is the bot necessary?

If you prefer manual trades, you can skip the bot entirely. It's designed for those seeking automated trading due to time constraints.

How many trades are made daily?

We execute 3-10 trades per day to maximize potential opportunities.

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